Overwatch hero offers a damage output that is akin to most DPS

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The majority of new Overwatch players do not want to play a tank, and even fewer want to play support. These heroes do not often get play of the game, because despite a few tweaks over the course of closed beta Blizzard algorithm still values kills and skillshots. Overwatch isn't a game about kills or skillshots, it's a game about objectives. Objectives and therefore games are won or lost by supports and tanks. You have to be extremely good at an offensive character or sniper to match the contribution of a decent support. Players are not stuck with one choice of hero for the entire match. You can switch between heroes and classes as you please, and it becomes essential for you to do so as the match unfolds. It’s not unusual for a team to cycle through the majority of the 21 heroes by the end of each game. The secret is in paring different hero skills and abilities to compliment each other, protecting, defending and crushing the opposition as a group rather than going solo.


These characters share certain goals, such as clearing an objective, securing kills, and being a general pain in the ass; however, they all have some defining characteristics which make them effective and enjoyable in their own right. Offensive characters typically tend to be more lone wolf and therefore have kits that allow them to be quite self-sufficient and to escape danger quickly with their advanced mobility. They often aim to assassinate or pick off squishy enemies, whether they be healers or other offensive threats.  Whenever you start a match in Overwatch, players will be able to choose any characters they want. Technically it is possible to get a team of nothing but Offense class characters, but that is not recommended. In fact, the game warns you on the character selection screen if a match has too many or too few of a particular class. In my experience with the game so far, it seemed like the majority of matches had an abundance of players picking Offense and Defense, with Support characters not being picked often enough.


The Overwatch hero offers a damage output that is akin to most DPS in the games. This alone makes him a difficult guy to battle face to face. When played correctly, the character can instantly wreak havoc. Let’s start with his primary weapon, the Scrap Gun. The weapon offers a shotgun blast of 25 pellets per shot. Considering the fact that it has a two-second reload time, it is imperative that your shots do maximum damage. Otherwise, they will not be worth it. You can get fast & reliable Overwatch Boosting services from

These are fun, dynamic characters tasked with carrying their entire team. Keeping yourself alive and in the right place on the frontline as Mercy takes a lot of good judgement and gamesense and if you can do it you've earned all of the upvotes you will hopefully get at the end. Even if the game doesn't highlight your contribution, take comfort in the knowledge that your teammates clutch ults and kill sprees are enabled by your work. Overwatch is not your everyday first-person shooter then, which is why we’ve put together this extensive guide to all 21 heroes and their abilities, as well as tips and strategies for winning matches, which heroes are right for your play style and the best heroes for beginners.



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