The games of DOTA 2 are everything the game offers

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The games of DOTA 2 are everything the game offers. There are no other modules in which to invest time and the difference will be in what type of game we will play. Dota 2 Boosting will focus on normal games of free choice, the first we will play once we have crushed many bots. This is a mere recommendation because most games work in the same way, however, some have their own rules and mechanics. And it is not advisable to play them being a beginner because we will have to choose Heroes at random, or reduced selections of them. And until we have a good number of hours, we will not have taken the trick to a generous amount of Heroes. The games of DOTA 2 usually last about 30-40 minutes. It is not a race, it is a fight of patience and know-how. For this reason it is so important to know the mechanics of DOTA 2 and the Heroes, since it is not an all-out absurd and wild. Balance and sobriety must prevail.

We always appear, and reappear if they kill us, at the source of our equipment. Right behind the Ancient. That's where our faction's store is; It is the first thing we must visit. We spend our gold on the recommended objects (we will know if there are better ones when we are experts), and then we march to combat. Before launching to the attack of the first tower we must wait for the waves of Creeps and go after them to eat the first points of damage. There will be a first encounter on the river, which separates the zones of both teams, and how well or badly this encounter will decide whether the next one will be in our tower or in the rival tower. And this will depend on how well the Heroes that go with the Creeps do or the support they receive.

The trails or lines are the paths that connect both bases in DOTA 2, and the main crash sites throughout the game. There are three: the superior or TOP, the middle or MID and the lower one or BOT (learn this well to play with users from other countries). Fighting in each of them is very different. The TOP path is easy for the Dire and lasts for the Radiant. In the MID path for both teams it is just as easy or difficult, and in the BOT path it is easy for the Radiant and difficult for the Dire. The normal thing is that, if we are beginners, we do not always go to a difficult path and if we play with other users, it is advisable to ask for advice and be attentive in the high school of the game.

It is convenient to be flexible; If you crush us on one of the paths, help your allies across the jungle. Although there are easy and difficult lines, we should not cheat thinking that if we go with two other Heroes for the easy, we will play better. Everyone has a role to play, and to fulfill it well is the difference between victory and defeat. The Creeps are to endure the damage for us, and to wear out the rival Heroes and Torres if we can stop their Creeps waves before they do it. Although they are the weakest link in DOTA 2, they do a lot of damage if we get into scrum against them, so we must be careful.

These Creeps come out in waves every 30 seconds, consisting of three units of melee and one of rank (which attacks from a distance). They have an aggressive behavior that we must take into account. If we attack the rival Hero who is on that path, the Creeps will focus on us, and if we stay still they will crush us. Every seven waves of Creeps, one will come with a catapult. If we destroy the enemy barracks, we will have stronger Creeps and Dota 2 Boost is the key to finish winning the game. Thanks to them we will be able to destroy the Ancient rival. The barracks are the constructions that are before the Towers that defend the Ancient.


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